We are a Colombian/ Canadian company dedicated to Content Development of Fiction and Documentary Films, as well as TV Series, Talk shows and Reality Shows, working on theatrical, TV and convergent platforms. Bajo la Luz and our allies, offer contents and co-production opportunities to international companies and broadcasters who are looking forward to increase their participation in the Latin-American market, taking advantage of co-production possibilities with Colombia and Canada.



With the purpose of maximising production possibilities, grow artistic and quality level, offering low cost budgets, and increasing high profits, Bajo la Luz commitment is to generate projects, production and co-production models with excellent competitiveness in the international market.


We open new production places in cities with lower demand. Combination of production infrastructure and artistic talent, additional to projects designed specifically for the advantages and possibilities of these towns, promises development of projects with up to 65% budgets of other production areas in the region.


Seeking to join strengths and to cultivate business opportunities, Bajo la Luz supplies services and contents to production houses and broadcasters, who as well, are looking to expand their presence in the Latin Market, offering new options of integration for international markets, especially Anglo – Hispanic Markets, adding to the 430 English speakers, the 470 Spanish speakers in the world.


For this purpose, Bajo la Luz counts with a wide content portfolio of projects in development and production with these integrating requirements for the cultural diversity of the continent, providing great artistic and production possibilities, as well as market presence, with higher profit and bigger international sales.


Keith | Writer and Director

Many times Emmy Award, and Gemini Award winner, as well as winner at the New York Film Festival, San Francisco Film Festival, and Columbia Film Festival

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Mary | Executive Producer

During her early career, Leckie worked as a Producer for International Clients including NBC, CBS, PBS, and Disney as well as working on a variety of independently produced Canadian film and television shows.

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Pablo | Director

Pablo is, no question, one of the most talented and successful Reality, Entertainment and factual directors in Latin America.

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Victor | Writer, Director and Producer

Victor is and award winning writer, director, actor, and host, with more than 20 years of experience in the film and TV industry in North and Latin America.

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To take advantage of market opportunities, rise productivity levels, and in order to share artistic and production experiences, Bajo la Luz counts with allies in Colombia and Canada who offer the possibility of capitalizing the benefits and incentives for co-production in North and Latin America.


Is a Canadian Toronto-based independent production company specializing in award-winning dramatic films and mini-series of the highest quality. Screen Door’s reputation for record-breaking hit dramas has put them on the leading edge for audiences and broadcasters at home and worldwide. Co-production is a company forte and it looks to carry this speciality into the international marketplace. Screen Door’s success attracting celebrated directors and stars is directly linked to their commitment to the script.

Formed in 1999 by producers HEATHER HALDANE and MARY YOUNG LECKIE, the company is the outcome of a long-standing professional relationship that began with their success producing the award-winning feature film, WHERE THE SPIRIT LIVES.

The company’s films have been shown worldwide by the CBC, CTV, The Movie Network, Showcase, Hallmark, PBS, Canal+ and the BBC. Distributors for Screen Door’s films have included Alliance Atlantis, Seville, Power, Marvista and Oasis.

The Screen Door mission is to combine a strong narrative and aesthetic vision with a commercial sensibility, in order to create lasting, popular and high quality film and television.



Screen Door had collaborated with the following companies



Born in 1985, Teleantioquia is the public regional channel of Antioquia department, in Colombia. It was the first regional channel in the country. It is nowadays the only Colombian regional broadcaster with HD signal, and it is number one in rating of public Colombian television. It has a satellite signal, and beyond reaching the 121 municipalities of the department, it projects Antioquia’s image to the world.

Its mission is to be a captivating and integrating regional TV that projects the people from Antioquia through the emission of audiovisual contents for multiple windows, reflecting the diversity of the region, and contributing to its sustainability and development.

Amongst its programing it includes magazines, talk shows, musicals, sports, youth, kids, humor, culture, news, educational, documentaries, institutional, series and films.


In order to continue its growing and expansion plan, the channel has been developing national and international co-productions. Aiming to consolidate its content portfolio in today’s world market,  Teleantioquia has developed an strategic alliance with Colombian – Canadian company, Bajo la Luz Producciones.


Cine Alta Producciones is a Colombian – Argentinean production house, dedicated to content production and to provide equipment for the national and international audiovisual industry, with the higher market technical standards.about-us-4a-800x589


Expanding towards transmedia and convergent content generation, and taking advantage of the democratization of media production, Bajo la Luz and BRM have joined ventures to face the national and international markets.

BRM is one of the leading agencies in Digital Relationship Management in Latin America, expanding into all media, and generating and maintaining purposeful relationships with clients and audiences.

Through Digital Analytics, they increase expectations of digital media, generating content with a double-way motivating communication.



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