Victor Gomez

Writer, Director / Creative Producer

Victor is and award winning writer, director, actor, and host, with more than 20 years of experience in the film and TV industry in North and Latin America. He has an MFA in Theatre Directing and Acting, from York University, an HBA in Journalism and Media Communications, and postgraduate studies in Film from Ryerson University, and Creative Writing, from Humber College.

In Hollywood, to mention a few, he has performed in the Oscar nominee film Lars and The Real Girl, starred by Ryan Gosling; in Paromount’s film about the renown rapper 50 Cent, Get Rich or Die Tryin, directed by famous Irish director (My Left Foot), Jim Sheridan; and more recently, with Mickey Rourke, in the movie Blunt Force Trauma, by New York director Ken Sanzel.

In North American TV he has starred and performed for series such as the seven times Gemini Award nominee, Across the River to Motor City (CHUM TV); in the Gemini nominee to Best Dramatic Series, Bliss -Tango (Showcase/ CBC); Donald Trump’s life, Ambition (ABC); and the series Gigi (The Movie Network y Movie Central), Missing (Lifetime), Good Dog (HBO), Mayday (Discovery/  Cineflex), and Covert Affairs (NBC-Universal).

He has directed as well more than half dozen films, including his short adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III, Ricardo Against Ricardo, Best Canadian Experimental at the Alucine Film Festival. Currently, Victor is developing the documentaries Dahiana, I am, Roses to Freedom, Searching For Oscar, and Digging for Justice, an investigation about the Guatemalan Genocide, with Nobel Peace Price Rigoberta Menchú.



Blunt Force Trauma  Principal  Ken Sanzel/ USA

Las Esmeraldas  Recurring  Canal Caracol/ Juan Carlos Vásquez/Colombia

La SelecciónRecurring  Canal Caracol/ Luis Alberto Restrepo/Colombia

La Suegra  Guest Artist   Canal Caracol/Colombia

Covert Affairs  Principal  NBC/ Universal/ USA

Mamá También    Guest Artist   RCN-Teleset/Colombia

Cinco Viudas Sueltas  Recurring  Canal Caracol/ Luis Alberto Restrepo/Colombia

Mayday  Lead    Discovery-Cineflix/Su Rynard/Canadá

Good Dog  Principal  HBO Canada/ Ken Finkleman

*Lars and the Real Girl  Principal  Craig Gillespie

  *(Oscar Nominee Film)

**Across the River to Motor City  Recurring    CHUM/City TV/Michael DeCarlo

  **(Series with Seven Gemini Nominations)

Get Rich or Die Trying  Principal  Paramount Pictures/Jim Sheridan

Missing - “Try Again”    Lead  Lifetime/Steven Goldman

The Letter  Lead  Nepantla Films/Jorge Manzano

Cariño  Lead  Ryerson University

Ambition  Principal  ABC/John Coles

G-Spot    Principal  TMN/W Network/Movie Central

Brothers  Lead  Canadian Film Centre

***Bliss III – Tango    Lead  Showcase/CBC

***(Best Dramatic Series Gemini Nominated)

Ricardo Against Ricardo  Lead/Director  Independent Short/Canada

Archivo Criminal  Series Lead  Telemundo /Colombia-USA

Traga Maluca  Lead  Caracol Channel/Colombia

La Caponera  Lead  RTI/Telemundo/USA/Colombia

Marido y Mujer  Lead  Caracol Channel/Colombia

Divorciada  Lead  RTI/Colombia

La Sombra del Arco Iris  Lead  RTI/Colombia

Amores como el Nuestro   Lead  PUNCH/Colombia

La Familia del Alcalde  Lead  PUNCH/Colombia

Hechizo  Lead  Colombiana de Television/Colombia

Hildebrando  Lead  Cosmovision TV/Colombia


The Ghost Sonata  The Student (Director/ Actor)  Casa del Teatro Nacional/Colombia

Lizardboy   One-man-show  SummerWorks/ Fringe Tour-North America

  (People Choice Award – ★ ★ ★ ★CBC)

The Witch of Edmonton  Sir Arthur Clarington  Theatre@York/ Canada

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot  Satan  Theatre@York/ Canada

Oedipus  Laius  Theatre@York/ Canada

Bobraushenbergamerica  Wilson  Theatre@York/ Canada

Raul Julia’s Romero   Armando    Summerworks Festival/Theatre Passe Muraille

Night of the Iguana  Pedro  Rubicon Theatre/ California,USA-

Manitoba Theatre Centre/Canada

The Lover  Husband/Lover  Teatro Leonardus/Colombia

Blood Wedding  Leonardo  Irrespeto Teatro/Colombia

La Revolution  Eloy  Teatro Iberoamericano/Colombia

Angelus  San Pedro  Teatro Patria/Colombia

I Rise In Flame, Cried the Phoenix  D.H. Lawrence  Theatre Estudio XXI/Colombia

The Floating Light Bulb    Jerry Wexler  Theatre Estudio XXI/Colombia

La Farra  Mongo  Theatre Estudio XXI/Colombia


*Ricardo Against Ricardo: Experimental Short Film  Alucine Toronto Latino International Film Festival

(Director/Script writer/Producer)     (Best Canadian Experimental Film); Official   Selection Toronto Hispanic Film Festival; Official   Selection Los Angeles Cine Sin Fin-Chicano Film   Festival; Official Selection San Francisco Cine   Latino Festival-Cine Accion; Official Selection –   Guelph Canada ED Video Festival, and Official   Selection Toronto Alucianarte Art Festival

Rosas para la Libertad: Feature Docufiction Film (Director/Producer)  Bajo la Luz Producciones/Colombia/Canada

Dahiana, I am: Feature Documentary Film (Director/Producer)  Bajo la Luz Producciones/Colombia/Canada

Digging For Justice: Feature Documentary Film (Co-Director)  Winged Centaurus Productions/Canada

Searching For Oscar: Feature Documentary Film (Co-Director)    Union Island Productions/Canada

Gone: Short Film (Director)  Winged Centaurus Productions/Canada

Reality Lays Where the Real Lies: Experimental Short Film (Director)  Winged Centaurus Productions/Canada

Game Over: Short Film (Co-Director)  Winged Centaurus Productions/Canada

Dejavou: Short Film (Director)  Winged Centaurus Productions/Canada

Still Here: Short Film (Director)  Winged Centaurus Productions/Canada

Kiss Me like The Night: Short Film (Director/Script writer/Producer)   Vega Productions/Canada

Robin Book: Feature Film Project (Script writer)     Nepantla Films/ Bajo la Luz /Canada/ Colombia

The Luis’: Feature Film Project (Script writer)   Nepantla Films/ Bajo la Luz /Canada/ Colombia

Blue: Experimental Short Film (Producer, D.O.P. & Art Director):      Covisual /Colombia

Bogotown 2016: Short Film Project (Script Writer)   Vega Productions/Colombia

Oro Negro: Feature Film Project (Script Writer)   Vega Productions/Colombia


Multiple Projects (Creative Producer, Director, Script Writer Bajo la Luz/ Colombia – Canada   

Todo que Ver: TV Magazine (Co-Director, Script Writer & Host)   TV Cine/Colombia

  Nominated Best Colombian TV Magazine,

  TV y Novelas Awards

Pantalla Gigante: TV Magazine (Producer & Host)   UPB Television/Colombia

  Nominated Best Colombian TV Magazine

  Simon Bolivar Awards.

Pasabordo: TV Magazine (Director Assistant & Host)   RTI/Colombia

Estelares y Especiales: TV Magazine (Director Assistant & Host)   Iris Productions/Colombia

World Trades: Variety/Reality Show Project (Creative Director)  Filmblanc/Canada